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Standard Half Size Foil Steam Table Pan Shallow 9X13

Standard Half Size Foil Steam Table Pan Shallow 9X13

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Whether you are making a casserole or putting your favorite treat in the oven, our full size aluminum pans won’t bend under pressure. The eco-friendly design and durability make them both recyclable and reusable. Don’t get stuck with stuck-on food. Our nonstick aluminum half sized pans are sold in bulk to be even more cost-efficient.

  • ALUMINUM PAN DISPOSABLE AND ECO FRIENDLY: Save money by recycling and reusing (if you want) with a quick sink clean.
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM PANS: The versatile foil pan offers a lightweight and durable construction perfect for evenly heating, cooling, prepping, and storing your favorite dishes. With this aluminum pans safe and sturdy composition, no double pan layering is required for the secure transportation of catered meals.
  • RECYCLABLE: If you don’t want to reuse your aluminum pan, it is recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Aluminum material great for cooling, storing, heating, and food prep.
  • NONSTICK: Foods won’t stick to these Aluminum Roasters, reducing the need for extra oil.
  • VALUE: Purchasing in 100 pieces saves money and makes cooking convenient.


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