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Aluminum Foil Large Square Gas Burner Guard 8.375" L X 8.375" W X 0.5" D [1000 Count]

Aluminum Foil Large Square Gas Burner Guard 8.375" L X 8.375" W X 0.5" D [1000 Count]

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Do you have the habit of making a mess when you cook? Tired of constantly cleaning your oven every time something boils over? Our Aluminum Liners for the stove and oven are great for keeping the unit clean. Durable enough to withstand the heat of your oven, these liners are constructed to be heavy-duty and handle any mess you might boil over. The nonstick surface lets you wash and use your liner again. You can also dispose of them if you don’t want to mess with it. These are great for use in commercial ovens found in restaurants and bakeries, cutting cleaning time down for employees.

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Fits in most ovens to help keep them clean and can withstand the heat to avoid burnt on food that requires extensive cleaning.
  • REUSABLE: You can reuse these Aluminum Liners by washing them in between uses. The nonstick surface makes getting baked-on food off the liner easy.
  • DISPOSABLE: Clean up in half the time with these disposable Aluminum Liners. Remove and replace with another to keep your oven clean and free from baked-on foods that could start a fire.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: These liners are cost-efficient, sold in packs of 100. This is perfect for the restaurants and bakeries that require keeping their ovens clean at all times during the cooking and baking processes.
  • RECYCLABLE: If you want to recycle your oven liners after they have been used, they are recyclable.


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