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Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Jumbo Broiler Pan 16" L X 11.7" W 5 X 1.25" D [48 Count]

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Jumbo Broiler Pan 16" L X 11.7" W 5 X 1.25" D [48 Count]

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Consider yourself a connoisseur of the grill (or broiler)? Then you know that the right aluminum pan makes all the difference. Our eco-friendly Aluminum Broiler and Grill pans are the perfect size to fit on your grill or under your broiler. Each pan features a unique design to help keep the fats off your meat while it cooks. Strong enough to handle the flames, each of these pans is heavy-duty enough that it does not require you to add additional support. No more wasting disposable pans because they can’t handle the job. You can either dispose of, reuse, or recycle these pans. The nonstick surface lets your grilled or broiled masterpiece come off the pan without interference. Great for home cooks or restaurant chefs (and everyone in between)!

  • BULK PURCHASE AVAILABLE: Great pricing option for restaurants or someone who grills and broils a lot. The savings potential by ordering these aluminum grill and broiler pans is phenomenal.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: If you don’t want to just throw the pan away, then you have the option of recycling or reusing it. Our durable pans can withstand multiple uses.
  • FOOD WON’T STICK: The nonstick design helps to keep your grilled or broiled foods from sticking while cooking. 
  • DURABLE: Aluminum Pans for the Grill and Broiler that can not only take the heat but can take the weight of the food you are cooking without the additional use of support. No more double pans when you are transferring the food to the table.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Functional, unique design to keep fats from absorbing back into your food.


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