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Watercolor Deluxe Paper Round Dinnerware

Watercolor Deluxe Paper Round Dinnerware

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Crafted using only premium quality materials, King Zak Watercolor Paper Dinnerware is perfect for upscale events, casual gatherings, and at-home use. Enjoy more of the party while substantially reducing clean-up time! Featuring gorgeous designs and unmatched durability, plan your next event with us and dine like a king!

  • Premium Quality – Durable material is coated for both hot and cold 
  • Upscale Disposable – Disposable for quick after party clean-up
  • Recyclable – Made from premium paper 
  • Perfect for Any Occasion – Designed for all occasions, banquets, parties, upscale catering, and home
  • Elegant – With beautiful patterns and strong construction, this paper dinnerware collection is the embodiment of style made easier than ever! 


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